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Aimpoint 9000 Series and its Derivates

The Aimpoint red dot 9000 is currently one of the oldest series of Aimpoint sights still in production, and their 9000 model is a member of their entry-level class. Their popularity was gained on the basis of their classic shape and affordable price, as well as their robustness, quality, and reliability. The Aimpoint 9000 offers a wide selection of various models in both commercial and professional lines of products.

Commercial models are intended for the hunting market and recreational shooting (L, SC, and SC-NV models).

  • The 9000L model is primarily intended for hunting in the most extreme weather conditions. Like all Aimpoint red dots, the 9000L is designed to withstand the recoil of the most powerful calibers, making it popular for drive hunting.
Aimpoint 9000 L Source: Aimpoint
  • The 9000SC model is a medium-sized red dot that was primarily designed for use on semi-automatic hunting and sporting firearms.
Aimpoint 9000 Series and its Derivates
Aimpoint 9000SC Source: Aimpoint
  • The SC-NV model was designed for use in combination with night vision devices.
Aimpoint 9000 Series and its Derivates
Aimpoint 9000 SC NV Source: Aimpoint

All commercial red dot models are mounted onto firearms by means of two Ø30 mm mounting rings, which are not included.

Professional models are intended for the police and the army (Comp M3, Comp ML3 models), with the exception of the Comp C3 model, which is also intended for the commercial market.

  • The Comp C3 model is lightweight and compact, suitable for rifles, bows, and competition pistols. Despite its compact size, the Comp C3 is very robust and can withstand recoil of the most powerful calibers. It is mounted with only one Ø30 mm Weaver ring, which is included.
Aimpoint 9000 Series and its Derivates
Aimpoint Comp C3 Source: Aimpoint

General Features of the 9000 series, L models, SC, SC-NV, and COMP C3:

  • All lens surfaces have multiple anti-reflective coatings for a better light transmission rate,
  • all models are without parallax errors,
  • all models have housings made out of one piece of lightweight and durable 6000-series aluminum alloy,
  • all models have anodized housing in a matt black color,
  • all models are impact-resistant and can, according to the manufacturers, withstand the recoil of the most powerful caliber ammunitions,
  • the optics are waterproof and because of the seals, moisture, dust or any other particles cannot get inside of the device
  • the lenses are coated with a coating that prevents fogging
  • L and SC models are available with a 2 or 4 MOA dot, and 9000 SC-NV and Comp C3 models are available only with a 2 MOA dot
  • all levels offer 10 levels of dot brightness adjustment,
  • the ACET technology allows 50.000 hours of uninterrupted performance
  • all models except the CompC3 model are mounted on the firearm with the help of two mounting rings in the size Ø30 mm, while CompC3 mounts on with the help of one mounting ring in the same size
  • all models operate with a 2L76/DL1/3N 3V Lithium battery,
  • all models operate at temperatures between -30° C and +60° C.

Technical Specifications:

Lens diameter38 mm on all models
Tube diameter30 mm on all models
Weightthe 9000L model: 230 g the SC and SC-NV models: 210 g the Comp C3 model: 200 g
Lengththe 9000L model: 200 mm the SC and SC-NV models: 160 mm the Comp C3 model: 120 mm
MountingL, SC, SC-NV models : two Ø30 mm mounting rings Comp model: one Ø30 mm mounting ring
Battery2L76/DL1/3N 3V Lithium battery
Click value for zeroing½ MOA (one click = 16 mm at 100 m)
Dot size2 and 4 MOA (depending on the model)

Source and author: Stane Bajuk, www.optics-trade.eu