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Blaser Mounts – Weight Comparison

Blaser Saddle Mount

With their innovative saddle mount system, Blaser has simplified the connection between rifle and scope. This mounting system has four notches for mounting directly onto the single barrel and not on the action. It’s available on all single-barrel Blaser models, no matter the specific type of rifle.

The only exception are Blaser saddle mounts that use 2 notches to attach. These are rifle-specific and most commonly used with smaller optics like red dots and reflex sights.Blaser Saddle Mount (source: Blaser)

Blaser Saddle Mount (source: Blaser)

Blaser saddle mounts present many benefits:

  1. 100% repeat accuracy
  2. simple removal and reattachment
  3. small weight, compact build
  4. available on all  single-barrel Blaser rifles
  5. 10-year warranty

With the abundance of quality mounting solutions on offer, the decision often comes down to minute details. This is why we manually weighted all Blaser saddle mounts that we could get our hands on. In the interest of fairness, we chose mounts of comparable BH heights (as much as the readily available product catalog would allow us, of course). Keep an eye out, as we will continue to update this article with new information.

Please note that these measurements are approximate in nature. No two pieces of the same mount will be completely the same, even with the highest standard of CNC production. 

30mm Ring Mounts: Weight Comparison

Blaser Saddle Mount Ring
Henneberger HMS Samo14,5mm201g
Henneberger HMS Swift

Blaser Saddle Mount (source: Blaser)

Blaser Saddle Mount (source: Blaser)

Blaser saddle system is especially useful when attaching scopes with built-in rails like Swarovski SR, S&B Convex, and Zeiss ZM/VM. This is because it allows for very low mounting height and consequently doesn’t interfere with your sight picture. It is also the preferable solution with traditional rifles as Blaser saddle rails are sleek, inconspicuous, and won’t spoil the aesthetic value of the overall set-up.

ZM/VM Rail Mounts: Weight Comparison

Blaser Saddle Mount Zeiss Rail
Henneberger HMS Samo133g
Henneberger HMS Swift127g

Saddle mount system is available on the following Blaser rifles:

  • B95/B97 (Combination Rifle)
  • D99 (Drilling Rifle)
  • K95 (Single Shot Break Rifle)
  • R8 (Bolt Action)
  • R93 (Rehashing Rifle)
  • S2 (Side-by-Side Rifle)

One of the biggest pros of using saddle mounts is their versatility. A single Blaser saddle mount will fit on all of these rifles, as long as it’s a single-barrel one.

Source and author: Polona, www.optics-trade.eu