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What Red Dot Sight Does the Military Use? | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to yet another episode of Optics Trade Debates. Many, not only our customers, but optics users in general wonder what red dot sights does the military use.

There are many militaries around the globe, so of course, not every military uses the same red dots. Here, we are going to mention those that can be purchased at our store. And we will mostly talk about red dots used in the Western Hemisphere.

Chinese, Russian, and Indian armies are the biggest out there and have their own local production of red dot sights, which are not available in the civil market. So, we will not talk about them. Usually, red dot sights for military use are really robust and reliable. They are made in one piece, sturdy, and of the enclosed type.

The majority of them are also reflex red dot sights, but there are also some holographic sights. The list of most common brands begins with Aimpoint. This is a Swedish brand that makes the majority of red dots for the NATO army, which is also how they established their name.

Meopta is also producing a number of red dot sights which the Czech military is known to use. These are the European brands. In the US, EOTech prevails. In Asia, we have DI Optical, who are supplying the South Korean army. They are also supplying a lot of NATO members and the US army as well.

Meprolight is the biggest Israelian producer of red dot sights, their optics being extremely popular. Some other brands are trying to get into the military market because when you have a military contract, it gives you some kind of a marketing advantage – also in the civilian market.

If you have any additional information or would like to add anything, use the comments below and we will see you in the next debate!

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