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Talley rings color case hardened



Talley Manufacturing is an American company located in Santee, South Carolina. This company is well-known for its big selection of high-quality rifle scope mounts. For a couple of years, Talley offers also unique scope rings with a so-called color case hardened finish.

Talley rings color case hardened

What is color case hardening?

It is a special heat-treating process in which the surface of the product gets hardened. In this process, the metal parts are heated in bone charcoal to an exact temperature, and then the products are removed and quenched. This leaves a hard surface with a beautiful color variation on the product. This was one of the earliest ways of hardening lower-grade steel.

This technique is nowadays getting very rare, so weapons with such a finish are a true eye-catcher.Talley rings color case hardened

Talley rings color case hardened

Talley rings

Talley offers steel rings with the color case hardened surface. These are the only rifle scope mounting rings on the market which offer such a surface finish, and because of that, they fit perfectly on older rifles or new rifles with engravings in the wooden stocks or receiver.

Because of the small differences in the materials, no pair of rings are the same, which makes them completely unique. The color case hardened rings add a special look to the rifle, which you will be happy to show.

Talley rings color case hardened
Talley rings color case hardened

Source and author: Goran Farič, www.optics-trade.eu

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