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Steiner MPS (Micro Pistol Sight) Red Dot

Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight (image source Steiner Optik)

Steiner is a German manufacturer of all things optics with years of valuable market experience. The new Steiner Micro Pistol Sight (MPS) red dot is tailor-made for competition shooters and will serve as a valuable asset for tactical use and law enforcement.


The trend of small, enclosed dot sights was started in 2018 when Aimpoint introduced the first Acro model, effectively creating a new category of red dot pistol optics. These dots are insanely popular, since no dirt, flying debris or heavy rain can block the LED emitter from doing its job.Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight (image source: Steiner Optik)

Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight (image source: Steiner Optik)

Sturdy, military standard build of Steiner MPS endures the hardest recoils, all the way up to 1000 gs. Apart from the soft rubber +/- controls on the side, Steiner MPS red dot is entirely made of metal. The heavy-duty construction is enforced with thick sidewalls and protective metal hood above the recessed 20mm x 16mm lens.

The outstanding feature is the top-mounted battery compartment. That makes Steiner the first company to manufacture an enclosed micro dot with this battery placement. It leaves more space for controls on the side. The advantages of top and side-placed battery compartments are obvious. Steiner MPS users can swap the CR1632 coin without detaching the sight from the pistol.Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight (image source: Steiner Optik)

Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight (image source: Steiner Optik)

Nitrogen-sealing protects the 3.3 MOA emitter and the interior lens surface from moisture and water damage. Battle-proven construction won’t fail you come hell or high water. Literally – you can submerge the MPS down to 10 meters in water and it will be just fine.

The 3.3 MOA dot is illuminated in red. The brightness intensity can be manipulated manually, with +/- push buttons on the side. All in all, there are 8 levels (6 day-bright and 2 for night use). Users can also lock down the selected setting by pressing both controls at the same time.

The CR1632 battery can last 13.000 hours on medium brightness. Illumination will shut off automatically after 13 hours, preserving some battery power for forgetful users. But you can also disable the function.Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight (image source: Steiner Optik)

Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight (image source: Steiner Optik)

The 1x magnification guarantees smooth, both eyes open operation and complete situational awareness at all times.

As for the mounting: Steiner MPS red dot has the same footprint as the aforementioned Aimpoint Acro. Good news for sure, since there are plenty of suitable adapters on the market. Steiner also supplied a Docter adapter plate in the box with the product. With the adapter attached, the optic weighs 94 grams (that’s 58 grams for the MPS sight on its own).

Technical specifications

Steiner MPS (Micro Pistol Sight) Red Dot
Reticle:3.3 MOA red dot
Lens size:20x16mm
Click value:1 MOA per click
Max W&E adjustment:90 MOA
Brightness control:manual, 8 levels (6x day/night, 2 NV compatible)
Parallaxfixed at 50m
Battery:CR1632, up to 13.000 hours
Operating temperature range:-40°C to +63°C
Weight:58 g (2 oz.)
Warranty:10 years (2  years on electronic components)

Accessories in the box

This enclosed red dot has all accessories that you’ll ever need included in the packaging.

  1. Docter adapter plate
  2. CR1632 battery
  3. torx key
  4. torque wrench tool
  5. T10 screws (x4)
  6. cleaning cloth
  7. user manual booklet


The warranty on this model is 10 years from purchase (2 years on electronics); more than what most manufacturers of red dots can offer.

Steiner MPS (Micro Pistol Sight) Red Dot costs just under €500 and is well worth the spend. It’s well-built, yet lighter than Aimpoint Acro models. The roof-mounted LED emitter doesn’t obstruct the view-through.  The added bonus is Steiner’s Germany-based factory and top-notch service department. You can be sure that this optic will serve you for a long time.

Author and source: Polona Kraner, www.optics-trade.eu

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