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Extreme wounded wild boar blood tracking 11km with hounds!

On 10.2.2022 at 22:00 in the evening I received a call from a hunter who shot at a boar that fell in the fire but after a few 10 seconds the boar got up and ran towards the dense undergrowth. The hunter went after him also noticed some blood but did not find the wild boar so we agreed that I would come to look for the wild boar with my two bloodhounds the next day.

The next day, at the agreed time of 15:00, I meet the hunter who shot the pig. The weather was humid and foggy, the blood could no longer be seen due to the rainy night. When I drop the Bavarian hound Amor on the blood trail and dog equipped with a gps collar, he immediately grabs the trail and begins to follow the steep slope upwards. After about 2km I estimated that he caught the trail well and I decide to release Knox from lease (Slovak hound) who is a great help to Amor and because of his sharpness, practice and agility a top stopper. I follow them on foot over the ridge After walking 5km, I notice on the Garmin receiver that the dogs are holding a wild boar in place 3km ahead. I keep going at a faster pace then I hear a bark. I descend the steep bank towards the bark and after my arrival the boar escapes, the dog is chased to the neighboring bank, after which I think I have extra kilometers to walk. However, after a few minutes I notice again on the receiver that the two dogs have turned the animal and are chasing it towards me. I get ready and after a few minutes I really see a wild boar, which I couldn’t shoot right away for the safety of the dogs as they were literally trying to throw it to the ground. However, after approx. 500m of tracking and intercepting I finally got to a clean shot.

The lesson and what we can learn from this short description of this another success story of many is patience, perseverance, and immeasurable connection and trust in our four-legged friends.

Author: Martin Žužek, huntingnews.today