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From a cub to an experienced Bloodhound

The selection of a pup and the beginnings and training procedures of a young future blood tracker are very important for further success in this type of work.

 When we decide to buy a dog that we will start training to work on the blood trail, we must first find out about the characteristics of the breed, the choice of breeder, the successes of the female and the dog that are mated, and their failures.

We need to know that genetics in a dog is very important for both the work and the physical appearance of the dog. Therefore, it is advisable to see the female and the dog before choosing a puppy.

After choosing a puppy, you can start working immediately, of course through play. You can pull him by pulling a toy or any other thing he loves to encourage him to use his nose and encourage him to work with his nose.

Once a dog achieves that finding a toy is not a problem, you get to know him by pulling a wild boar. we suppress his fear as soon as possible, and we can then set out in search of a large game and, consequently, a bear and a wolf.

When setting up the tow, we must make sure that the dog is taught to show or hunt the prey all this time, and we do this by simply hiding towards the end of the trail and watching when it reaches the prey (skin, hoof, …), stay hidden and silent sooner or later he will either start barking or come back for us then in both cases we reward him and show joy and interest in doing so. When the dog starts to work independently and flawlessly, 600 or 700 m long and about 10 hours old, we have to move on to a trail set with a hoof – INTERRUPTED TRACK. By no means should we exaggerate with blood when placing such traces, because as far as I know in nature, game is often dead some 10m away, even though there are no signs of a hit on the shot. It is advisable that all this time of school we sometimes go on a search or two on a natural trail, of course, where we know that the game is well hit and the signs on the shot are obvious that it is hit in vital organs (lungs, heart, back injury). , …). However, I do not advise you to let your dog on healthy game at least in the first year and until he successfully finds at least 10 pieces. to distinguish the trail of healthy and wounded game, but if you have a dog for a few searches a year, then do not let him on healthy game because due to lack of practical work in nature will then prioritize the search for healthy game.

A dog that is ready for the test must make a trail at least 1800m long and 30 hours old, only then can you be sure that the dog will pass the test and will be able to continue the work of the blood tracker later, when he is more experienced every year and after every search. driven.

When schooling, we must definitely be patient and self-critical towards ourselves and, of course, critical towards the dog, because every mistake in schooling procedures is a reflection of later work.

Author: Martin Žužek, huntingnews.today