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Pigeon hunting with Rottweil and silencer as the perfect complement to RWS ammunition

Hunting wood pigeons can also be extremely promising in spring. Camouflage and a good lure image are the be-all and end-all here. The chances are good, especially on clear days. It is best to position the umbrella near roosting trees or small trees and make sure that the wind is at your back. Pigeons land against the wind. The “perch” on fields with winter grain or catch crops can also be a good place to hunt in the late morning or afternoon, because grey-blue pigeons often roam the field in large flocks to graze.

With the Game Edition Taube, ROTTWEIL offers the right cartridge for all passionate pigeon hunters. Within the usual shooting distances, it delivers far more cover energy than would be necessary for a proper kill. The flight speed is up to 400 m/s. The Special Edition Taube is available in calibres 12/70 (32 g) and 20/70 (30 g), each with a plastic case. 


Noise reduction, reduced recoil, no muzzle flash, improved accuracy: Anyone who has ever hunted with a silencer in combination with the right ammunition will no longer want to do without the advantages. HAUSKEN and RWS SHORT RIFLE cartridges result in a particularly harmonious symbiosis. Why? This is where maximum damping performance meets a silencer-friendly and highly efficient innovation. You can see the technical advantages of HAUSKEN silencers in the current clip.