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Aimpoint Duty RDS Red Dot Sight

Aimpoint Duty RDS red dot sight was unveiled at Shot Show 2022 in Las Vegas. The USA is also the only market you can currently expect to get ahold of this 2 MOA sight. As the name suggests, Aimpoint Duty RDS is designed for law enforcement and can be used as a secondary optic.

Aimpoint AR Red Dot Sights (image source: Optics Info)

About the company

Aimpoint is a pioneering manufacturer of red dot sights for civil and military use. Aimpoint Micro model remains a benchmark of optical production. While there’s been an influx of USA-based and Asian competition in the past 5 years, the Swedish professionals continue to impress with the most reliable sights. Aimpoint Duty RDS Sight (image source: Aimpoint USA)

Aimpoint Duty RDS Sight (image source: Aimpoint USA)

To serve & protect

  • hard-anodized aluminum alloy
  • absolute co-witness
  • robust and durable
    • 500 g recoil resistance 
    • water damage
    • temperature shock
  • audible W&E clicks
  • only 108 grams

This is heavy-duty stuff. The optic is made of high-strength anodized aluminum, with a 39mm one-piece Picatinny mount of the same material. It’s configured for absolute co-witness.

Built for rough handling and recoils up to 500 g, Aimpoint Duty RDS can handle the toughest days on the job. The recessed lens is protected from dirt and flying debris. The rear flip-up cover is transparent for those high-pressure situations where there’s no time to waste.Aimpoint Duty RDS Sight (image source: Aimpoint USA)

Aimpoint Duty RDS Sight (image source: Aimpoint USA)

The Aimpoint Duty RDS is also waterproof and can be submerged to 25 meters (80ft). Furthermore, it continues to operate in extreme temperatures (from -45 °C to +71 °C).

The windage and elevation adjustments are completely redesigned, flat with the housing and exposed. With that, there is little chance for unintentional changes mid-use. For added precision when zeroing the optic, turrets move with audible clicks at half an inch per 100 yards.Aimpoint Duty RDS Red Dot Sight (image source: Aimpoint USA)

Aimpoint Duty RDS Red Dot Sight (image source: Aimpoint USA)

Mounting the Aimpoint RDS

  • 39mm TNP mount & spacer
  • aluminum alloy
  • Torx T10 tool

The Picatinny mount with torsion nut fits on Aimpoint RDS with 4 screws.

The sight can be used as a secondary optic behind a riflescope for close-quarter engagements. For information on the combined use of a riflescope and a red dot sight, CLICK HERE.

Torque – Mount to Sight 1.35 Nm / 12 in-lbs (Torx T10)Barlock Torque: 3.0 Nm / 27 in-lbs

Thin red dot

  • no magnification ➞ both-eyes-open use
  • 2 MOA size dot
    • short to medium-range shooting
  • red illumination
    • push button
    • 10 levels (1-4 night, 5-10 daylight)
  • enhanced light transmission
  • compatible with all gens. of NV 

Since there is no optical magnification (1x), the use of Aimpoint RDS with both eyes is seamless. The 2 MOA dot is good enough for on-target shots on medium distances, up to 70 meters. The lenses are coated in an anti-glare finish.Aimpoint Duty RDS Sight (image source: Aimpoint USA)

Aimpoint Duty RDS Sight (image source: Aimpoint USA)

Always ready, always on

The 2 MOA dot is illuminated in red. There are 10 levels of intensity, 4 of which are suitable for nighttime operations. The newly designed digital keypad with intuitive push buttons is optimized for use with gloves on.

Powered on a single CR2032 battery coin, the Aimpoint RDS can run for 30.000 hours at medium brightness (7). The battery compartment is on the side of the optic, so you don’t have to detach it from the rail to switch the coin.

Technical specifications

Aimpoint Duty RDS Red Dot Sight
Size:3.1 x 1.5 x 2.6 in
Reticle:2 MOA dot
Magnification:none (1x)
Click value:15 mm at 100 m / ≈ 0.5 in at 100 yds
Light transmission: average >85% in the range 420-620 nm
Brightness control:manual with push-button, 10 levels
Weight (with TNP mount):5.7 oz  (161g)
Battery:CR2032, up to 30.000 hours
Operating temperature:-49°F to +160°F
Made in:Sweden

What’s in the box?

These accessories are included:

  1. One-piece TNM mount and spacer (39mm)
  2. Flip-Up lens covers (rear transparent, front solid)
  3. CR2032 battery
  4. Allen T10 wrench

Aimpoint Duty RDS Red Dot Sight (image source Aimpoint USA)

Aimpoint Duty RDS Red Dot Sight (image source Aimpoint USA)


Aimpoint Duty RDS is available for US customers only. Priced at $499.00, this model is of professional quality yet more cost-effective than the rest of Aimpoint’s catalog.

This is a top-notch, no-nonsense red dot optic for law enforcement and we respect that.  But as far as the more experimental private market is concerned, we’re curious to see if Aimpoint will incorporate advanced features like automatic switch-off, solar panels, and more illumination colors.

Author: Polona Kraner, www.optics-trade.eu