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PowerDog Line from pokusa.si

Have you ever wondered what are your dogs essential needs? Read this and you will soon know “how to”. Well it depends what they eat. But it never hurts to add some supplements to their food, especially when you are feeding them RAW meat, or if you have a real working dog in the field or in the ring.

Two passionate dog lovers, hunters, cynological judges decided to bring Pokusa.si supplements closer to their market. You can tell that they really believe in the supplements just from the conversation.

Funkyland┬┤s Eagle Huntress

But what to take? Just ask and they will tell you. Or if you check www.pokusa.si website you can find describtions, photos and products which you can find suitable for you.

  • BreedingLine
  • GreenLine
  • PowerDog
  • ChondroLine
  • RawDietLine
  • DiamondCoat
  • OceanicLine

Those are basic lines and you can originate from there. If you are a breeder and you need everything from Calcium Citrate to GoldMilk for Puppies – they have it. If your dog is on every Sunday hunt – PowerDog line is the way to go. If your “poison” are dogshows, well DiamondCoat line will fit best.

Funkyland┬┤s Amber Moon

Human grade? But is it really? Certificates and ingredients of the supplements talk in their favour. Try it for yourself. They will make you believe in it.

Photo archive: www.pokusa.si, www.funkylands.si