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Wildboar winter hunt / Thomas F. logbook #1

You like winter hunts? Sitting in the high stand, waiting for the wild boar to arrive. So you can make that perfect shot. If you find yourself in this story then this is for you. Read all about Thomas F. hunting adventures.

Cold winter morning in the hunting ground.

I do not know about you. But whenever I go hunting to my friends first order of bussines is that we sit at the table and eat something good. I talked to my friend and I let him know that if I am going to be able I am going to stay in the high stand all night. He said I know if somebody can do it, that person is you!

And so we went. I came late because I was also working late but still, I was at the high stand at around 10pm. Perfect time for predators to come out. There were at least 7 different packs of Golden Jackals howling and at midnight one pack of wolves were heard in the distance. Then of course I was so tired from the whole week I must of feel asleep because wind woke me up at around 2am. That was that for that night.

Next afternoon we were talking about where do I want to go wait for the wild boar to come. And I said I do not know but my gut is telling me to go at the stand which just a few 100m from the house we were staying. Matthias said ok just go there and call me if something happens. I will not go hunting tonight. At around 9pm I have heard something in the distance. I prepared my Roessler Titan 6 packed with Pulsar F455 and waited. I could hear my heartbeat. The steps were getting closer and closer. And then silence. Minutes felt like hours, nothing. Then a branch broke and heavy steps were taken away from the feeding area. I was sure that this was it and nothing will come out.

Handloaded 7×64 with a Fox Bullet.

Silence was killing me but then I have heard light steps getting closer and closer. I looked through my scope and there he was. BOAR!

I waited as much to see and make a right judgement if this was really a male boar and it was! I aimed and took the shot, boar fell right on the ground. I knew that some of the best quality meat is going to be put on the table for me and my family.

It was one hell of a hunt indeed! Perfect timing and place to be hunting on. Were happy and I will return for sure. Return back to huntingnews.today stories.