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Fox hunting with Pulsar F455 and Infiray / Thomas F. loogbook #2

If you like hunting foxes in cold winter nights, this is a story for you. Only one thing was missing – a big pile of snow which would indicate the animals that were outside. But since we are able to use nightvision and thermal devices. The snow just ads something to the equation. It is not necesary anymore.

It was a sunday evening. Very cold outside. I think it was the end of the January. Perfect time for fox hunting. I left from home a bit late, The sun already almost set, but I still managed to get to a high stand with a little daylight left in the day. A few roe deer and some rabbits were at the field and that was it. I said to my myself that I am not going to be long because I have to work the next day. Then the weather changed a bit. It was a little windy and out of nowhere the fog came. I said to myself now it does not matter because I have a IR nightvision device and when the fog is out I cannot do nothing about it because it is all white.

Right before I wanted to leave the high stand I checked the field with Infiray thermal spotting device. There it was! A fox in the distance I started to call him – just with my mouth. Big fox male reacted to my calling and he looked up and started running towards me. When he came at aroung 60m I took a perfect shot and the fox fell on its tracks!

It was a very nice hunt indeed!