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Steiner Ranger 8 – Flexible. Precise. Rugged.

Bayreuth, June 2022
Since its introduction in 2015, the Steiner Ranger series has become one of the most
successful riflescope series in Europe. In a constant effort to increase our products
offering, the Ranger 8 series is now introduced. The new Ranger 8 impresses for the
flexibility it allows, its outstanding field of view, an optimized light transmission and a
state-of-the-art and scratch-resistant anodizing, all of this together in a true 8x zoom

This outstanding series out of the Ranger tradition, combines not only perfect optical
quality with reliable mechanics and the well-known Steiner ruggedness, but also allows
you perfect control at any distance and in any situation. Moreover, the fiber dot illumination,
the parallax adjustment and the outstanding optical quality allow for a perfect
match with modern digital night vison and thermal devices.
The new Ranger 8 riflescope series manages to deliver the best results in any situation
supporting hunters with all the challenges they must face every day; Ranger 8 will
become an irreplaceable companion for every hunter in our modern world. Another
strength of the series is the further developed fiber reticle, which allows for a perfect,
crisp red dot illumination in bright daylight and in low light thanks to its 11 settings.
As you would expect from the Steiner-Optik brand, Ranger 8 ruggedness meets
military standards and can withstand even the toughest conditions. We have also
met this demand by using an aluminum case, which, together with an outstandingly
robust and reliable construction, achieves an impact resistance of up to
Few features are consistent with the Ranger riflescope family tradition and have
been further enhanced: the scopes now impress with even more repeatable, audible,
and precise turrets clicks for reliable adjustments even wearing gloves.
Even extreme temperatures from -25°C to +63°C do not restrict the functionality
of the mechanical parts.
The Ranger 8 is equipped with Steiner Zero Mode to avoid any inconvenience on
the field. The Ranger 8 2-16×50, 3-24×56 and 4-32×56 are available with integrated
ballistic turret: This solution allows the hunter to compensate the bullet drop
reliably and accurately at different distances. By using 4 different numbered rings
the hunter can pre-set 4 preferred distances to have quick adjustments when time
These innovations on the new Ranger 8 series once again hihglight our commitment
to set the highest standards in the industry. Every product that leaves our
house carries the promise extreme high quality, innovation and reliability. No
matter in what situation or under what conditions with Steiner Nothing Escapes
Anyone who looks through Steiner binoculars can feel the passion and fascinating
success story of this traditional company. For over 70 years, the name
Steiner-Optik has stood for top-quality workmanship and precision craftsmanship.
Steiner-Optik offers a wide range of products in the military and
governmental, hunting, water sports and outdoor sectors, providing the
ideal product for every user, from beginners to professionals. Steiner products
are the first choice for all those who do not want to make any compromises.
Since 2008, STEINER-OPTIK is part of the Beretta Group in Italy. For any
further information, please visit our homepage www.steiner.de
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