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Tips for Storing Your Hunting Weapons

We are offering you some tips for storing your hunting weapons from Sauer Gunsmith Christian Peters.

Christian is going to give you some tips for storing your hunting weapons. Christian explains to you the importance of storing your hunting weapons correctly during their prolonged period of non-use. After all, we all want to simply take them out of their storage cabinet, all intact and ready to use for the new hunting season. You should give special attention to the metal parts, the moderator, and the wooden stock.

General tips for storing your hunting weapons

The rifle should be thoroughly cleaned. Optionally, this can be carried out professionally by a gunsmith/specialist dealer. Before you place the rifle into the gun safe, you should ensure to wipe it dry and to renew the oil film on the barrel, system and action. That way you willpreserve the metal parts. In addition, you should unload the magazine and the release the bolt, to avoid the unintentional setting of the spring tension.

If the rifle is to be stored for a longer period of time, we advise to additionally wetting the cleaning cord with a little gun oil, so that the inner surface of the barrel is also preserved. However, the drying of the barrel should not be forgotten, before firing the rifle again, to avoid the notorious “oil shot”.

The moderator has to be be unscrewed from the barrel before the rifle is placed into the gun safe. Due to smoke and condensation, a relatively aggressive mixture is created in the moderator, which can spread in the fields, rifling and in the cartridge chamber within a few days; this can lead to corrosion. The muzzle thread can be lubricated with a little grease to facilitate the reattachment of the moderator.

If the rifle is now in the gun safe for some time, it is a good idea to apply a stock care product. Of course, we only recommend the use of high-quality stock care products. Balsin oil from Ballistol or Scherell’s Schaftol are suitable for this purpose. With synthetic stocks there is nothing to take care of, even if they have been stored for a longer period of time. They can be cleaned of dirt with a cloth moistened with water and then rubbed dry again

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