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Shooting day with Czech_Lara

During this weekend I visited my beloved shooting range “Lazecka strelnice” in Olomouc, CZ. Despite recent sunny weather, Saturday was on the contrary chilly, snowy, windy day, but it was no burden to take a part in the shooting fun day. I organized a shooting course for my client who has his own rifle Tikka T3X Tac A1, .308 Win, 20″ and he could shoot for the first time up to 300 m and for the second time with a rifle at all (except for zeroing, but without my assistance before). We went through all the necessary steps (MOA system, ballistics, theory, practices, fixing the bipod, positions etc.) and from the default results when he had in January results on 100 m really unstable, we completed our mission on 300 m with a windy weather in a center group of shots. I was happy about his feedback, because this is the way I like to teach people as an instructor, sport shooter and a normal human being, when you see that endless satisfaction in the end. Btw. We also had super spectators there. A bunch of hares ran over the shooting range several times. Maybe they were deaf or regular guests, because they didn’t mind the noise (no, we weren’t shooting in the moment they ran, haha).

After the course there was a spare time for myself as well. I love to shoot with my Tikka T3X Tac A1, 6,5 CM, 24″ with Kahles scope K525i AMR (I’m proud to be in team Kahles), which gives my shooting world absolutely different dimensions. 

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