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It’s rather a family stuff!

Last year was a turning point for me in many ways. I’ve become a team Kahles member (sport shooting, based in Austria) and since that I can see my world has been completely changed. Not because of the finest scope and other stuff I’m sincerely grateful for, but first of all, Kahles embodies a big Family to me! I know, it sounds, basically, as a clich√©, but when you can feel that vibe, that shared good emotions, endless support in a material and immaterial form as well, you’re pretty sure this is it. Your people, your ground-zero, your nest where to spend a productive time. I can see in our sport-field around lots of projects, lots of philosophies, but I can’t compare our binding to anybody else. Kahles is a source of opportunity to be a part of kind people, who want to develop and work on themselves and at the same time they think about their sport-family (and hunters feel the same about Kahles hunting section). This feeling is due to those who stand behind the whole organization and who stand firmly behind us. And that’s mutual trust.

This season is all the more breakthrough for me, because I can maximize my energy with a great scope that I use for several different disciplines (DLR, PRS, F-Class etc.) and it absolutely meets my requirements for long-range shooting and I can always rely on the product. Regardless of the weather or distance.

On my Tikka T3X Tac A1, 6,5 CM, 24″ barrel, twist 1:8 I have a scope Kahles K525i with AMR reticle (FFP), magnification 5-25, clicks in mrad, tube 34 mm, with zero stop and twist guard. I have a left side windage, because this amazing function provides me a clear (and fast) overview of the situation without changing the position and I can comfortably make corrections with my left hand (yes, I’m right handed). If you want, you can put on a parallax spinner, which can be really helpful (and nicely looking, for sure, haha), but for me is more important a bubble level to see in a very second that I’m fine in any terrain. I also use a sunshield (56 mm) and flip-up covers (both for objective lens and eyepiece), which are clever enough, you can tilt them 180 degrees, not just 90, so they don’t interfere with your work, while shooting.

Speaking of advantages, other top support-sponsorships and wonderful tools, I have my scope mounted on Eratac mount (Germany) with Eratac bubble level with an inclination function on scope (I use 2 bubble levels then) and in the coming days I’ll get my new Sinus muzzle brake (Germany) and cool sporty-looking stock from Akila (Slovenia) to represent all the things in the best possible light, because I believe in these products, I’ve met them all in person to understand, if it works as it should. Bags, backpacks and various HQ things I need to get ready at the range I have got from CSER Industries (Hungary). Last but not least, I’ve started to cooperate with Lovec Arms (Slovenia), too. 

Thank you all for giving me your energy, that you believe in me. You can be sure, I believe in you.

This is not an egoistic ode to the shooting part of my life, but this is about motivation namely in your direction, dear readers, dear friends, because you can achieve anything you wish. You can experience extraordinary things, but you have to be confident and honest to yourself. So go get it all and share your emotions with good intentions! 


Your Anna Smith

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