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Why the KJI Reaper Grip and KJI Reaper Rig Accessory Plate are the perfect match?

Why the KJI Reaper Grip and KJI Reaper Rig Accessory Plate are the perfect match

Having a tripod system which keeps your rifle ready-to-use solves many problems for the hunters. Using a rifle support helps greatly in reducing fatigue, increasing speed and precision. Being able to have your spotting scope, camera or thermal spotter aligned in the direction your rifle is pointed, while having your hands completely engaged with operating the rifle is a true game changer.

The Reaper Grip System

For unshakeable stability, KJI’s Reaper Grip features a patented curved claw that anchors your rifle to the bottom of the saddle while the specially designed base pivots to grip both tapered and straight stocks and chassis. 

The Reaper System eliminates one of the main problems when a hunter is out there waiting – fatigue. Achieving this by fully supporting your rifle pointed down range and at the ready also helps minimize the motion you do from locating the game to placing a shot.

 With no comparisons, the Reaper Grip maximizes proper shooting techniques outside of the supported prone position. 

Now we figured out the shooting part with the Reaper Grip, the KJI Reaper Rig Accessory Plate will take care of your ease, and comfort while spotting. 

 KJI Reaper Rig Accessory Plate

The Reaper Rig is an adapter plate to attach cameras, spotting scopes, flashlights, rangefinders, and other optics or accessories to your Reaper Grip. The Reaper Rig features three mounting locations perfectly suited for top or bottom installation of Picatinny rail sections, including the Magpul MOE 2.5”, for truly

versatile accessory attachment. The Rig also includes two slots to hang a lanyard of calls, remote, or any

other tethered accessories. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced hunter, a precision shooter, or a vermin control. You will be able to take complete advantage of this game-changing duo.

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